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Every facet of life today is impacted by electronics in one way or other. Either it is computers (Hardware) or communication (Multimedia) or a control, electronics is the link. The exciting world of electronics needs very good mathematical background and also an analytical mind. The opportunities in electronic field are countless; Application developers, system engineers, integrators and information technology. Infotainment enthralls the common man. Mobile telephony has shrunk the world. Hazardous situations can be handled safely with electronics with robots for disposing bombs, handling the wastes and precision operations. Subjects on digital systems, digital Signal processing, Fuzzy logic and neural networks, VHDL and VLSI, digital communication, embedded system, Microprocessors and micro controllers and microwaves are studied as part of the course.
S. No. Name Qualification Designation Experience
01 K.Rajesh Babu M.Tech. Associate.Prof. 05y
02 D.Ramanayudu M.Tech. Associate.Prof. 05y
03 Ch. Ashok B.Tech (M.Tech.) Asst. Prof 05y
04 R. Bapanna Dora B.Tech (M.Tech.) Asst. Prof 03y
05 M. Nageswara Rao M.Tech. Asst. Prof 02y
06 K.Sampath Singh M.Tech. Asst. Prof 03y
07 A. Taraka Jyothi B.Tech. Asst. Prof 01y
08 C. Sai Sowmya B.Tech. Asst. Prof 01y
09 K. Vanitha B.Tech. Asst. Prof 01y
10 Ch.Krishna Priya B.E Asst. Prof. 02y
11 J.Syam Kumar B.Tech. Asst. Prof. 01y
12 L.Krishna Kishore B.Tech. Asst. Prof. 01y
13 K.Saraswathi B.Tech. Asst. Prof. 01y
14 B.Sravana Kumar B.Tech. Asst. Prof. 02y
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