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All social activities today are going for computers right from calculations, records, travel booking, medicine, etc., mainly because of fast and error free operations. This calls for a thorough understanding of concepts and transforming these ideas to computer for processing. This is addressed in algorithm and programming languages. A student who learns the development of software in various areas like manufacturing, education, management and remote control, with thorough technical knowledge in computer network is in great demand by MNC’s including banking and finance sectors. There are unlimited opportunities for jobs. The skills expected are thorough logical thinking and a good competence in mathematics. Subjects on algorithms, Operating System,. Programming languages, Database Management System, Computer graphics, Computer network and artificial intelligence are studied as a part of the course.
S. No. Name Qualification Designation Experience
01 K.R.R.Mohan Rao M.Tech.(Ph.D) Professor 16y
02 B.Renuka Devi M.Tech. Associate.Prof. 07y
03 V.Sujatha M.Tech. Associate.Prof. 05y
04 B.Chandra Sekhar Reddy M.Tech. Asst. Prof. 03y
05 B. Sridhar Reddy M.Tech. Asst. Prof. 03y
06 SK.S.M.Subhani M.Tech. Asst. Prof. 01y
07 M.L.Gangadhara Rao B.Tech (M.Tech.) Asst. Prof. 04y
08 T.Gnanaprakash B.Tech (M.Tech.) Asst. Prof. 04y
09 P.L.V.A Nageswara Rao M.Tech Asst. Prof. 01y
10 R. Vijayakrishna Nag B.Tech. Asst. Prof. 01y
11 K.S. Padma Gayatri B.Tech. Asst. Prof. 01y
12 S. Anil Kumar B.Tech. Asst. Prof. 01y
13 K. Leelarani B.Tech. Asst. Prof. 01y
14 K.V.Raja Mahendra Kumar B.Tech. Asst. Prof. 01y
15 M.Aparna B.Tech. Asst. Prof. 01y
16 P.Griridhar B.Tech. Asst. Prof. 01y
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